Smart targeting solution, accurate user profiling

MassiveImpact, is the world’s largest performance mobile advertising platform, using its patent pending Real-Time Performance (RTP) platform, to guarantee a substantial increase in advertisers’ ROI.

Unlike ad networks which optimize based on clicks, MassiveImpact’s flagship product, TargetAdLive® uses actual ad conversion metrics to identify the right users at precisely the right time, wherever they are.

MassiveImpact provides app developers and mobile site publishers with an end-to end platform, supporting the full lifecycle from ad publishing, targeting to back-end performance tracking and analytics, resulting in inventory monetization, app discovery and user acquisition.

MassiveImpact proprietary optimization algorithms are created specifically for the performance mobile advertising arena.

Real-Time Performance based on actual conversion history

MassiveImpact’s real time performance (RTP) platform is a radical new approach that enables advertisers to acquire new customers with guaranteed ROI and achieve a much larger sales volume than using other solutions. The improvement is achieved by patent-pending customer discovery method, based on a user’s actual conversion history. The combination of MassiveImpact’s RTP approach and TargetAdLive®’s automatic management of ad inventory allows for a real-time, end-to-end ad serving cycle.



Same user, same campaign, different value

Based buying

Pre-negotiated price

Targeting user groups based on price

Pre-defined price

Predicted segment value to
advertisers $CPM

Based buying

Real-time bidding

Targeting impression features based on bids

Price varies by impression features

Impression predicted segment
value to advertisers $$CPM

Based buying

Real time performance

Targeting impression features based on bids

Price varies by impression features

Actual revenue share
from advertiser sales $$$CPM



TargetAdLive® is MassiveImpact’s core technology solution. An algorithm-based ad targeting technology, TargetAdLive® is employed by the MassiveImpact team to execute its performance-based mobile ad campaigns. While traditional mobile ad solutions focus on conventional mobile marketing-based profiling methods that typically ignore 98% of available data, TargetAdLive® utilizes all available data to rate each user’s likelihood of purchasing a particular product.

TargetAdLive®, analyzes a sample of a carriers’, publishers’ or wireless service providers’ customer data with information provided on the advertisers’ ad. It chooses, in real-time, the ad that is likely to garner the best results and thus generate the most revenue. TargetAdLive® then pairs mobile ads with customers that are most likely to perform the desired action based on the entire user data collected, fits the user profile and ad content and serves the relevant ad.

The MassiveImpact Ecosystem