For Advertisers

Mobilizing Advertisers’ Web Pages  

Whether you have a mobile presence or not, MassiveImpact can put you on the mobile map in no time. Using a proprietary technology, MassiveImpact adds a simple tag into an advertiser’s existing web-page, manipulating the page in real-time while fully adjusting to mobile handsets’ limitations and capabilities, ensuring an optimal user experience.

An optimized mobile page in 10 seconds.


Automatic Landing Page Selection  

Automatically rotating ads, ensuring optimization based on pre-defined parameters. Traffickers save advertisers from having to go through a long process of analysis, by automatically adjusting campaigns, matching them with pre-defined target audiences and guaranteeing conversion.


High Availability, Easy Scaling   

MassiveImpact offers an intelligent server distribution with cloud servers located in the most relevant regions of the world. This allows for quick scaling, local ad service and delay reduction.


Analytics, Reporting and Transparency

A full dynamic reporting dashboard that allows you for real-time monitoring of different campaign analytics, necessary for adjusting campaign targets, budgets and optimization, while campaigns are still live and running.


Creative Consulting

Relying on MassiveImpact’s years of mobile marketing experience, we offer a full suite of creative design and consulting. We know your markets and what makes your potential user tick. By using an advanced system of creative rotation, we also test out our work, to ensure that the right ads are served specifically to the right audience, where and when they best-perform.


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