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ViMAP Services Ltd., a game and brand-customized app developer was searching for a monetization solution, aiming to improve its bottom-line over alternative media channels.


ViMAP Services is a leading edge technology and IT consulting firm focused on delivering the best and delivering cost-effective solutions to clients in Wireless Mobile Solutions, Telecommunication, E-Finance, E-Business, Data Networking, Medical & Health Care, and Education.

Founded in 2010, ViMAP Services provides quality mobile applications over all the mobile OS such as J2ME, Android, iOS, WP, etc. and services to the IT, Telecommunication and Software Development sector. ViMAP specializes in customized solutions for any business or industry. ViMAP has acquired millions of users for its mobile games and applications worldwide in less than a year. The company features the latest in affordable, best-of-breed and maintenance free technology.

The goal for ViMAP’s publisher monetization campaign included:
  • Monetizing the mobile traffic generated by its mobile apps.
  • Reaching mobile offers in, multiple markets, coming from multiple ad sources.

  • MassiveImpact’s Publisher Monetization System (Freemium Exchange) was selected to provide real time performance and identify relevant prospects among millions of potential users.
  • Using the Real Time Performance approach, MassiveImpact analyzed user data in targeted regions and created qualified leads, based on users' conversion history.
  • Real Time Performance automatically identified mobile users most likely to convert ViMAP’s mobile ad space inventory and targeted them with relevant ads.
By using its unique ad-serving technology, and eliminating all ad-serving fees, MassiveImpact’s Freemium Exchange generated a bottom line monetization increase of 150% for ViMAP, when compared to the two alternate media channels ViMAP was previously using. In addition, MassiveImpact’s Freemium Exchange model also dramatically boosted ViMAP’s eCPM, used to measure the effective value of a publisher’s ad space, by over 130%.



Sector: Gaming app development

ViMAP mobile web user experience:

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