• What is CPA marketing?

    MassiveImpact operates on a Cost-per-Action (CPA) model in which payment is based solely on completing pre-defined goals such as a sale, filled out form or subscription. It is an online advertising model where the advertiser only pays for a specified action linked to the advertisement. New advertisers pay upfront, while advertisers with a track record with MassiveImpact only pay when a goal is fulfilled.

  • What is an advertiser?

    An Advertiser, also known as a merchant, is a company that is interested in promoting a product or service online. MassiveImpact promotes an advertiser’s product or service by placing the advertisement on relevant mobile spaces (apps, mobile sites), in exchange for a commission.

  • How does MassiveImpact fit in the advertisers and publishers ecosystem?

    MassiveImpact connects Publishers publishers with Advertisers advertisers via its proprietary Publishers publishers’ platform. Advertisers post ads on the network and the system optimally inserts ads into publishers. MassiveImpact’s Publisher publisher network gives Advertisers advertisers enhanced exposure and Publishers publishers higher payouts.

  • What is Performance Marketing?

    Performance marketing is essentially no– risk marketing, meaning you only pay when a lead or sale is generated. Unlike traditional marketing where in which you pay for an advertisement up front without any guarantee for performance, with MassiveImpact advertisers only pay when they get positive results.

  • What kind of clients does MassiveImpact serve?

    MassiveImpact has advertisers from essentially every business domain on and off line, including the (online & offline): insurance, finance, gaming, education, and entertainment and othersindustries. MassiveImpact’s advertisers range from medium to large corporations, which include Fortune 500 companies.

  • What creative design do I need to provide?

    MassiveImpact’s unique platform can provide you with creative designelements for campaigns, by need; whether it isincluding texts, banners, landing pages, portal pages, keyword lists or lead forms, MI can create these for you for clients. You also might want to be able to accommodate a phone call from potential users, as MI can run lead-generating campaigns which require a call-center operation.

  • What metrics should I provide to ensure my campaign gets off to a quick start?

    As an advertiser, it is recommended that you provide MassiveImpact with information related to what creatives have worked for you in the past, key markets for your service, target demographics are and the planned total spend you are planning for your mobile campaigns.

  • How do I set up a tracking system for my campaign?

    Once you identify what your conversion event is ( a sale, a download, a call, etc.), you will need to place a pixel on your landing page or create server- to- server integration with MassiveImpact’s system, to ensure accurate result-tracking.