Case Studies

Sector: Mobile VAS
Zed (ZA), the leading mobile monetization company in the world, partnered with MassiveImpact to expand their brand in the South Africa region aiming to reduce mobile advertising risk.


Zed is the leading mobile monetization company in the world focused in mobile advertising and marketing. IIts proprietary technology platform connects multinational with a large number of mobile networks and carriers from all over the world to provide mobile clients with customized solutions and services. Proprietary analytics allow for precise targeting due to detailed insights into mobile customer behavior. The goals for Zed's mobile advertising campaign in South Africa included:  
  • Distributing its mobile value- added- services (wallpapers, games, music for cell phones) as well as it promotion club (Ace Club) across South Africa.
  • Distributing services to a unique market while targeting specific devices.
  • Significantly increasing user acquisition with performance-based advertising campaigns, reducing mobile spend risks by using performance-based campaigns.


  • MassiveImpact's TargetAdLive® was selected to provide an end-to-end mobile distribution solution for Zed ZA.
  • TargetAdLive® analyzed user data in targeted regions and created qualified leads for Zed's value added services and promotion club.
  • TargetAdLive® automatically identified mobile users most likely to download Zed ZA's value-added-services and join the Ace Club.



MassiveImpact's various mobile advertising campaigns increased Zed’s subscription sales in the South African region significantly, starting February 2012. The ongoing mobile advertising campaign resulted in  over 2K monthly subscriptions; delivering an optimized ROI for Zed ZA's mobile marketing spend.    
Mobile game download flow example: Zed
Real time campaign optimization
Real time cuustomer segmentation
Real time lead generation Solutionsused TargetAdLive®